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Well, a few things for ya -
1. St. Al's was AWESOME! Thank you all for making our first Saturday there a huge party and a big success!!!
2. Pictures are (finally) up from the last few shows - We always have them up ASAP on facebook, but sometimes we forget to put them here too!
3. We added another stop on the "Una Mas, Por Favor!" 2014 Summer Tour - looks like we'll be making an appearance at Wednesday Night Live w/ The Cheap Shots! Check out the schedule page for more deets!
4. We love all of you and are so grateful that we get to party with you all summer! :)
Peace, love and swivel hips,
76 Juliet

Yay - an update!!! :) We updated the schedule with our Summer gigs! We're super-excited this summer - we can't wait to party with ya'all! There's still shows coming in so check back often! We updated the songlist too so you can see the songs you'll be shaking your booty to this summer!!!:)
Peace, love and swivel hips,
76 Juliet

Thank to ya'all for making Finn McGuire's such an amazingly fun show!!!! You guys ROCK! New pictures from Finn McGuire's are up and ready for your viewing pleasure! Check 'em out! Hope to see you at the next show!

Peace, love and swivel hips,
76 Juliet

What's going on,people?! New year, new website! Whoo hooo!!! Be sure to bookmark our site if you haven't yet...check out our facebook page...browse around our home on the web...have some fun with it. You guys are what makes this so worthwhile for us. We hope you can make it out to a show soon - we'd love to hang with ya and have some fun!

Nothing but love,
76 Juliet

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