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Well, it's been a crazy week for us - last weekend, we had our band trailer stolen. :( Most of our gear was in there...drums, guitar amp, sound equipment, banners, fans...EVERYTHING! We got the trailer back, unfortunately it was empty. Thanks to a good friend of the band, Dave Wacker from Blue Light Scene, we had a benefit last week Wednesday at Jack Rabbit Slims...He organized it in a day and a half - and had the majority of the Milwaukee music scene show up to support us! It was an incredible night filled with friends, family and everyone showing such incredible support. Personally, in the 17 years the band has been around, I've NEVER seen such an outpouring of support and love from the musical community - just unbelievable.

We had a huge loss - one that without the fundraiser would have been the end of the band - we wouldn't have been able to recover from the loss. And, though We were able to raise a good portion of the funds we need to keep the band rolling, we're still a bit short - and as much as we didn't want to do it, we set up a GO FUND ME page to help us the rest of the way....if you can help us with a donation, we would be eternally grateful....but don't feel bad if you can't...sharing out GO FUND ME page on social media would be a great help as well! We just want to get back to doing what we love - playing music and partying with YOU! :)

Here is a link for our Go Fund Me Page:


Thank you for all your support - and we can't wait to see you this summer! We have so much gratitude for YOU! <3

Nothing but Love,
Tommy, Kelly, Jake & Eddie

Happy Valentine's Day!!! We just added pics from the last few shows - hope you'll check 'em out! Don't forget to come be our friend on Facebook - we'd love it if you did - facebook.com/76juliet!!!

Nothin' but love,
76 Juliet

What's up, yo?! We just tweaked the show schedule a bit - and we added a new show for ST. PATRICK'S DAY at FINN MCGUIRE'S!!!!! We can't wait to get a 'lil bit Irish!!!
Nothin' but love,
76 Juliet

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's been too long for an update - that silly facebook keeps us busy (www.facebook.com/76juliet) - but here we are! Glad you're still with us - here's some upcoming shows we'd LOVE to see you at - we miss each and every one of you!!! :)

Saturday - 01.16.2016
Milwaukee Ale House
233 N. Water Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202
9:30pm - 1:00am

Friday - 01.22.2016
9:00pm - 12:00pm

Saturday - 01.23.2016
8:00pm - 11:00pm


Saturday - 02.06.2016
Finn McGuires
5171 S. 108th Street
Hales Corners, WI 53130
9:30pm - 1:00am

Saturday - 02.13.2016
Pillars Pub
225 S 5th Ave
Cross Streets: Between Poplar St and Walnut St
West Bend, WI 53095
9:00pm - 12:30am

Saturday - 02.27.2016
Coins Sportsbar
1714 52nd Street
Kenosha, WI 53140
10:00pm - 1:30am

Hope to see you out there somewhere! :)
Peace, love and humptiness forever,
76 Juliet <3

Whooooo, it's been a busy summer! We've been having so much fun with YOU! Thank you so much for all the support and love you've shown us - we are truly thankful for YOU! We've finally updated all the show pictures, and we've added a new show - St. Greg's in September - check out the schedule page for all the deets!!!
76 Juliet

HOWDY YA'ALL! We just added two more shows - check out the TOUR page for all the details! This summer of gonna be off the hook! We an't wait to party with YOU!!!
Peace, love and sunscreen,
76 Juliet


It's official - 76 Juliet will be back at SUMMERFEST!!! Whooo hooo!!!! All the details are on the schedule page - a new year, a new stage for us, and a great time slot! This is going to be a summer to remember!!! #summerfest

Peace, love and big red smiles,
76 Juliet


Well, lookie here! We just gave our 'ol home on the web a 'lil refresher! Spruced things up with some new pictures and content for your viewing pleasure! :) Check out the video page for a couple new clips from last summer, and we also added pics from last weekend at Coins Sportsbar!!! We'll be adding new tour dates later this week, so check back soon! THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!!! Smooches!!!

Peace, love and hammer pants,
76 Juliet


A NEW TOUR DATE JUST ADDED! 06.21.2015 - St. Roman's! All the details are on the TOUR page - check 'em out! :)

We also added pics from KBIII's & Finn McGuire's! Check 'em out! Hope to see you in April at Coin's Sportsbar in Kenosha!

Peace, love and Jammy Jams,
76 Juliet


A NEW TOUR DATE JUST ADDED! 08.21.2015 - Our Lady of Lourdes! All the details are on the TOUR page - check 'em out! :)

Peace, love and Uptown Funk,
76 Juliet


It's been an exciting day - TWO MORE SHOWS ADDED to our Summer tour!!!! 07.17.2015 - St Rita's Parish Festival & 08.22.2015 - City Lounge - All the details are on the TOUR page - check 'em out! :)

Peace, love and the other white meat,
76 Juliet


Today we've updated our songlist - there's a whole lotta songs there! We'll be updating again in the next few weeks with some fresh new material we're adding for Summer!!! We can't wait to play these tunes for ya'all!!!! Wow - Two updates in one week?! We're dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest more often!!! We'd do anything for you guys! Let us know if there's anything we can do better for you!!! Write us anytime at band76juliet@gmail.com!!!
Peace, love and funk,
76 Juliet

WHOO HOO!!! We've added the first part of our 2015 Summer Schedule!!! We're super excited to be returning to some festivals and stoked to be playing a lot of NEW places for the first time!!! We need YOU to do what you do best - c'mon out and let's show these places how we party! We love you guys!!!

We've added pictures from all the shows - we're finally up to date! And remember, you can always find the latest pictures on Facebook too!


Is summer gonna be here soon? We just want to party with you all summer long!!!

Peace, love and happiness!!!
76 Juliet

Pictures from 11.08 @ Mo's Irish Pub in Tosa are up for your viewing pleasure! :) <

We've added pictures from all the shows - we're finally up to date! And remember, you can always find the latest pictures on Facebook too!


Peace, love and swivel hips,
76 Juliet

November already? Seriously? Well, we're missing all the summer festivals, but we're having such an AWESOME time back in the clubs!!! You guys have been amazing - making this live music thing so much fun! You guys have been so supportive and we are beyond grateful for the love you show us! We only hope that we can give us much love back to you that you've shown us!

We've added pictures from all the shows - we're finally up to date! And remember, you can always find the latest pictures on Facebook too!


Peace, love and swivel hips,
76 Juliet

Well, a few things for ya -
1. St. Al's was AWESOME! Thank you all for making our first Saturday there a huge party and a big success!!!
2. Pictures are (finally) up from the last few shows - We always have them up ASAP on facebook, but sometimes we forget to put them here too!
3. We added another stop on the "Una Mas, Por Favor!" 2014 Summer Tour - looks like we'll be making an appearance at Wednesday Night Live w/ The Cheap Shots! Check out the schedule page for more deets!
4. We love all of you and are so grateful that we get to party with you all summer! :)
Peace, love and swivel hips,
76 Juliet

Yay - an update!!! :) We updated the schedule with our Summer gigs! We're super-excited this summer - we can't wait to party with ya'all! There's still shows coming in so check back often! We updated the songlist too so you can see the songs you'll be shaking your booty to this summer!!!:)
Peace, love and swivel hips,
76 Juliet

Thank to ya'all for making Finn McGuire's such an amazingly fun show!!!! You guys ROCK! New pictures from Finn McGuire's are up and ready for your viewing pleasure! Check 'em out! Hope to see you at the next show!

Peace, love and swivel hips,
76 Juliet

What's going on,people?! New year, new website! Whoo hooo!!! Be sure to bookmark our site if you haven't yet...check out our facebook page...browse around our home on the web...have some fun with it. You guys are what makes this so worthwhile for us. We hope you can make it out to a show soon - we'd love to hang with ya and have some fun!

Nothing but love,
76 Juliet

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